Try Our Newest Flavor!
Spicy Brown Sugar Beef Jerky

We hope to give you peace of mind that comes from knowing we really care about what goes into our product. We believe we know how one of America ‘s most popular snacks should be made. and promise to deliver awesome beef jerky. The best way to discover what Wolfiez Premium Beef Jerky has to offer is to rip into a bag for yourself!

2.5 oz. bag $5.00
1 lb. bag $28.00

Flat Rate Shipping
(1-8) 2.5 oz. bags $6.50
(1-2) 1 lb.bags $6.50
All other orders $12.00

Please allow 10-15 Work Days To Process Your Order
Plus a 3 day ship time
Sorry, NO international orders

If we go past the processing and ship time
we will add a free bag of beef jerky to your order.
It may be a longer wait then you are used to,
but all of our customers agree,
“It’s well worth the wait.”