Making beef jerky isn’t rocket science, though it may seem that way if you were to read the ingredient list on our competitors’ bags. The process is simple; marinate or brine the beef, dehydrate the beef, eat the beef. All the rest (flavor, texture, etc.) is just a matter of trial-and-error processing and personal preference. Once you get the formula perfected, you have to carve out a good chunk of your valuable time to make each batch of jerky. Sure, you could slap together the raw materials and make bad tasting stuff pretty quickly – you could – but you wouldn’t. You’d want to take the time to make the very best.

We take the time to make the absolute best tasting beef jerky! We aim to give you the same high-quality product that you’d make for your family and friends if you had the time. Wolfiez started pretty small, making a few batches of beef jerky every few months for family and friends. Pretty soon, the friends and family of the friends and family came knocking. Not surprisingly, these folks were more than happy to participate in as many “taste tests” as we could throw at them. Before too long, we had all the little things mastered and the winning formula was born. Now we’d like for you to be a part of the experience. We want you to enjoy this wholesome, tasty snack as much as we do. If you’d like to know a bit more about what sets Wolfiez apart from the rest of the pack, keep reading – we’ll give you the nickel tour – for free!

It’s important to know that Wolfiez Premium Beef Jerky is, quite literally, a hand-crafted taste experience. Every facet of the process, from the initial slicing of the beef, to the final inspection and packaging, is done by hand. No part of the operation involves complex machines or automation – and it never will. The simple fact is, if you’re cranking out hundreds or even thousands of pounds of processed anything, there comes a point where attention to detail takes a back seat to overall production requirements. On the flip side, however, making one strip of beef jerky at a time wouldn’t get us very far as a business, either. So, is there a happy medium? Is there a way to balance taste with cost effectiveness? We sure think so. We use the most up-to-date techniques and modern processes to help us with the grunt work. In other words, we slice the beef by hand, but with a top-grade meat slicer that ensures a uniform thickness for each piece of jerky. We use the best dehydrators to ensure each individual piece of jerky reaches the appropriate temperature and has adequate air-flow to ensure uniform dehydration. Each piece is also hand-inspected at the end of the process to insure it is a “hand-crafted work of art”.

Wolfiez Premium Beef Jerky uses only USDA approved round cuts for processing. Here’s why… When making beef jerky, it’s supremely important to use lean beef with as little marbling as possible. ‘Marbling’ refers to streaks of fat mixed in with the muscle fibers, or mea. Simply put, it’s the fat that can’t be sliced or cut off. Too much fat and the jerky will never cure or dehydrate properly. Plus, extra fat in the beef usually turns into extra fat on your belly…and hips…and thighs. Of the several prime cuts, sections of beef cut by the butcher, only 3 are most often used for making jerky – chuck, loin, and round. Loin has the lowest percentage of marbling, but represents the most expensive cuts as well. Chuck has a high percentage of marbling, which makes really good burgers, but is not so good for jerky. Round renders the best “bang for your buck”. It is very lean, has a low level of marbling and yields just the right texture and consistency for perfect jerky. Some beef jerky processors use inferior cuts and “remove” the fat one of two ways: they spin the beef in a centrifuge-like spinning machine or they will grind the beef, press out as much fat as they can and process what’s left. Rest assured Wolfiez Premium Beef Jerky will never feed your family these “processed recombined beef parts”. We promise!

Once we’ve selected and sliced the beef, it’s time to begin the marinating process. The perfect marinade is absolutely essential for perfect jerky. Everyone knows that if you want the best tasting steak, or really awesome barbeque, you’ve got to marinate, and the longer you can let the flavor soak in, the better. Buy why? Fresh cut meat is red because it’s full of blood. We’re not rocket scientists, remember? If it’s not completely removed during cooking or dehydrating you’re left with a fleshy, spongy taste, (which is sometimes enjoyable in a steak or roast but not in jerky). Unfortunately, the dehydration process alone does not effectively remove all the blood and blood-solids from the meat. Wolfiez relies on our signature marinade to get rid of this “blood-funk”. The right marinade will penetrate every fiber of the beef, slowly replacing the “funk” with the “flavor”. Wolfiez marinates each batch of beef for a minimum of 24 hours, then hand-inspects the beef prior to dehydration to ensure that each slice of USDA round steak is full of flavor!

The process of making jerky can be done one of two ways: dehydration or smoking. Smoking allows the jerky producer to save time by simultaneously flavoring and “cooking” the meat. Most can trim even more time from the process by using electric or propane heat and then coating the jerky with an artificial smoke flavor. Sounds tasty, right? Dehydration is the method we use here at Wolfiez. We rely on our signature marinade to properly flavor the beef and then we heat the beef to 170°F for approximately 6-8 hours. At the same time, fans are constantly removing moisture-laden air from the dehydration unit, concentrating the flavor and drying the jerky to the perfect consistency. Sure, this process takes a bit longer, but the finished product is entirely worth the wait.

Once the beef is fully dehydrated and safe for packaging, it’s time to put the icing on the cake, as it were. Wolfiez uses the best tasting, all natural seasonings and spices to round out each of our one-of-a-kind flavors. Our process is designed to cure the beef and make it ready to package so there is no need to add chemicals or artificial preservatives. What you see is what you get. Wolfiez Peppered Jerky is simply our marinated beef covered in freshly ground black pepper. Wolfiez Hot Jerky is marinated beef doused with a generous helping of cayenne and chipotle pepper. It’s been said that there’s no hiding good taste, and we’ve got nothing to hide.

In order to ensure that the jerky you buy is absolutely as fresh and tasty as possible, we vacuum seal each bag. This means we remove every bit of air from around the jerky. When you get your first bag of Wolfiez Premium Beef Jerky, simply cut off the top, hold the sides and “crinkle” the bag a bit. Viola! Enjoy the bounty!

So there you have it, the Wolfiez experience in a nutshell! You now know more about making beef jerky than you ever thought you would! Moreover, we really hope we’ve given you a craving for our awesome product!

The best way to discover what Wolfiez Premium Beef Jerky has to offer is to rip into a bag yourself!

Wolfiez The Premium Jerky Experience.